We are experts in agile software development in Java and modern Web

  • Short cycles.
  • Fast feedback.
  • Continuous delivery.

We develop software in very short iterations.

We use a modern, lightweight process, which enables us to focus on adding functionalities, testing and delivering them in a weekly cycle, to give you the results of our work early and often.

Every week of our work starts with a detailed plan, and ends with a working, tested and documented delivery-ready software.

  • First, together with you we're choosing functionalities to be delivered with the nearest software increment.

  • The chosen functionalities are specified in the form of automated acceptance scenarios. They will serve us as guidelines during the development, as acceptance tests before delivery, and as regression tests during future developments.

  • Development of the features is being driven by the scenarios. Together with other tests, they're constantly being verified by our Continuous Integration system. It enables us keep the application in production-ready state continuously during the development.

  • At the end of the week the functionalities are presented to you. Now you may decide to deploy the application. Since it's being continuously verified, no additional manual testing is needed.

Having a dense net of automated tests, we may push the limits even further, to Continuous Delivery - every change made to the software, which passes all the tests, is automatically deployed.

90% our time we spend on software development. But we also help our clients in a few other ways:

  • Trainings

    Both open and closed. We teach agile software development: both the process (Scrum, Extreme Programming, Kanban) as well as programming practices - TDD, Pair Programming and Continuous Integration.

  • Team coaching

    We help teams introduce agile processes and practices, and help them become better. We facilitate communication within the team, and support it with taking responsibility for their project.

  • Project rescues

    If a project is in trouble, work with your team on finding the best solution. We can also replace the current team, taking responsibility for accomplishing the project.

  • Audits of architectures

    Having experienced software architects on board, we can assess the quality of your architectures. We can verify all the main architectural properties like performance, scalability, extensibility, reliability, portability and security. We will also give you suggestions as to possible improvements.

We are experts in Java and web technologies.
We use a very rigorous software development method, which results in our products having quality unreachable for most software teams.
We constantly measure and improve the quality of our processes and effectiveness of our teams to serve our customers better.
Even though we're so serious about the quality, we're really a team of people passionate about technologies and the fun of coding.

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